Thinking Space

This is a Peer Learning Platform where you will find short Thinking Space Papers with information, ideas, solutions and practices on how to enable young people to enter the labour market, be it through becoming self-employed or a regular employment. It also contains some longer papers with concepts or practices of interest as well as links to relevant publications. We have structured the papers in thematic sections such as outreach, activation or job placement as well as entrepreneurship training, mentoring and soft skills. We also address more political and structural issues such as the future of work, policies for NEETs or impact assessment of programmes and projects. There is also a section on case studies of young people that benefitted from support in the framework of the YES! Project, other EEA projects or support programmes that are particularly suitable or successful helping for young entrepreneurs or job seekers.

The Thinking Space Papers are meant to inspire, encourage testing of ideas and proposed practices. They also provide links to further reading or viewing for those wanting to dive deeper into a topic. We hope you enjoy the reading. If you have ideas for further papers or you wish to contribute with an own paper, please contact: Dunja Buchhaupt ( or Laura Pacareu Flotats (