thinking space

Case Studies

This section contains case studies of young people that benefitted from support in the framework of the YES! Project, other EEA projects or support programmes that are particularly suitable or successful helping young entrepreneurs or job seekers.

Thinking Space Paper No.39: Praktikumsjahr

Connecting firms to students, transferring know-how between generations, building strengthening bridges and in this way supporting local European economies are all undeniable necessities for stabilizing the structures we all live in. The Thinking Space Paper introduces “Praktikumsjahr” (=internship year) which operates a matching platform for young people in search of a job and orientation. It connects businesses with high school graduates through internships giving them the opportunity to get to know different companies within one year. Participants gain practical experience, get the chance to present themselves to participating companies and can even find a future position which will eventually prevent them from becoming a NEET. A successful orientation tool – interesting approach? Have a read!

Thinking Space Paper No.43: Arbeiterkind

Education is key and higher education often unreachable for children of non-academic families’. The Non-profit Ltd. ‘ArbeiterKind’ encourages high school students to pursue a degree, supports them during their studies and advises them when starting a professional carreer. The vision behind the approach is, that every capable child from a non-academic family should have the opportunity for educational and professional advancement. This Thinking Space paper shares ArbeiterKind’s story and methods giving an idea on how to reach young people from a non-academic background and connect them with academic volunteers coming from the same initial situation. Maybe an inspiring approach for tackling the NEETs’ situation in your country? Have a read!