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NEETs and the future of work

The world of work is undergoing significant changes across all sectors and this change is accelerated with the COVID-19 pandemic. There will be new challenges, demands and opportunities. In this section we look at sectors that seem to offer promising possibilities for NEETs and discuss means to empower them in the changing work environment.

Thinking Space Paper No.3: Empowering NEETs for a platform economy

The world of work is undergoing significant changes across all sectors. Entrepreneurs and employees need to adapt to a new working environment, which will demand a high degree of flexibility, adaptability, reinvention and life-long learning. Job security, long-term employment as well as standardized roles and responsibilities will be traded off against work opportunities. Hence, it is imperative to support NEETs in a changing work environment. In this thinking space we will take a closer look at the platform economy its form, size and the work and income it generates to then discuss means to empower NEETs in this economy.

Thinking Space Paper No.5: The future of work for NEETs in a circular economy

The circular economy is expected to be one of the biggest economic drivers. Relevant sectors to the circular economy employed already more than four million workers in 2016 and are predicted to create many more jobs in the EU until 2030. The increase is due to a shift in value added from resource-based capital gains to workers’ compensation and services and higher technology utilization. The following thinking space explores the state of the circular economy and its employment opportunities for NEETs.