Confession of a NEET – Interview

The Italian writer and teacher Sandro Frizziero talks in his book “Confession of a NEET” about his own perception of NEETs who have been recovered from the education system. The protagonist of Frizziero’s novel is a NEET himself and still lives in a small room in his parents’ house. He sees himself as a revolutionary and spends most of the time in front of the computer, accompanied by his cats. He is very aware of the troubles of our labour market and overthrows society’s perception on NEETs as “lazy and unmotivated”. He starts to question everything around him and allows the reader to follow his journey to a new way of understanding what personal fulfilment means to him and that it not always passes through work.

In the following video, Sandro Frizziero and Giampietro Pizzo, President of Microfinanza Srl, discuss the novel, todays education system and more questions such as: “How important is the concept of family as a protection and welfare system?”, “What is the correlation between self-entrepreneurs and a minimum income?”, and “How to be a good teacher in times where freedom is so important to young people?”

Here is the link to their full conversation: