Piotrek Sus & Oskar Kwitek

YES gave the two engineers a chance to understand the basics of building their brand. It helped to turn a chaotic idea into a structured plan – EduSpace Tutoring Center.

We’re just two buddies who found an idea for each other. It is said that everything has its time. We stand for it! The road we took to get to this place was bumpy at that times. We were skippers, beginner paragliders, hitchhikers, engineers, would-be programmers, teachers, and that’s just a small part of what came into our lives. The denominator was and is still the same – the search for one’s self. We found out that what drives us is continuous learning, also sharing knowledge and contact with others. We were able to implement these three aspects to our project – EduSpace Tutoring Center.

Furthermore, we daily work with young people, showing them that dreams are achievable! We help to choose education and career paths, based on the personalities and predispositions of our students. We are present during their victories and defeats. Not only that, but we show that we can often learn much more from the latter, that it is worth taking a risk and not stop trying. We equip them with tools so that they can achieve themselves and their goals. We just support and develop together. This is what gives us a sense of fulfillment: discover what everyone has in them – enormous potential and use it fully.

In the beginning, there was darkness. After all, how are two young people without knowledge and experience in business, who approach everything they do with great precision, still casually achieve their innermost goals? Mission doomed to losses from the very beginning. The light in the tunnel appeared to us when we joined the program. First, we saw that we were not the only ones. Later it was only better, and with each subsequent workshop we learned, built the skeleton of our vision in our heads, and, driven by fantastic energy, we developed ourselves, and our company is us!

Where to find the knowledge, how to organize the next steps, what mistakes to avoid? All these questions were answered by participating in the Young Entrepreneurs Succeed program! Thanks to wonderful and extremely involved people, we had the opportunity to verify our ideas and assumptions. We learned what to focus on, refined the structure of our plan, and received a new perspective on our activities. After all, if you have the support of people with an experience greater than half your life, it’s hard to get other results. Getting to know other program participants was also an irreplaceable value. Looking at their progress throughout subsequent meetings gave us a boost to action and often led to taking up common topics. The creativity of young people has no limits, but they need proper support.