Panagiotis Demis

Panagiotis Demis is an IT University graduate, coming from Argos a town in Southern Greece. After a short carrier in digital marketing, Panagiotis decided to make a career change and look for a job vacancy in software development sector. On this basis, he participated in the JavaScript programming language training program delivered by the Development Agency of Karditsa (ANKA), under “Young Entrepreneurs Succeed” project.

After the lessons, Panagiotis was benefitted by the personalized coaching service for employment seekers, designed by ANKA especially for NEETs participating in “Young Entrepreneurs Succeed” project. Through this service, Panagiotis developed an integrated employment action plan.

Following the plan, Panagiotis was hired in a large software firm specialized in banking sector, fulfilling his initial ambition: To start a career in the software development.