Matteo Merlo

Matteo Merlo is a young graduated in Economics, Innovation, Communication and Hospitality, interested in the field of innovation, sustainable tourism, social inclusion and culture. Looking for a training course in Excel and data analysis, he came in touch with Microfinanza Srl, and he decided to attend one of their free online courses, focused on this matter. The training is part of the Young Entrepreneurs Succeed!, a project funded by the EEA and Norway Grants for Youth Employment.

After the training sessions, Matteo has been supported by Microfinanza, in a personalized coaching and mentoring path, targeted to strengthen his hard and soft skills, with a specific attention on the development of a business model and plan, together with the development of a CV, cover letter, and on the active search of job (also as independent professional) opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Matteo was a NEET. He’s been supported for months now, and thanks to his efforts and determination he’d just applied for another EU project, and is in contact with several mentors who are supporting him in the development of his project idea!