María Pina

I’m María Pina, a Spanish illustrator. I grew up in Murcia, where I studied Biology. At the age of 24, after realizing that science was not my place, I decided to study what I had always wanted: illustration. To do this, I came to Barcelona, where I currently live.

Drawing has been a part of me since I was little. It has always been my means of expression, so to be able to become a professional in it is my dream.

I do editorial illustrations, press, commercial, and textile printing. I like to create all kinds of drawings, adapting to each project. I work with traditional techniques, such as gouache, India ink, crayons and pencils, as well as digital techniques.

In addition, I am part of the illustration studio Casa Jaleo, from where we carry out mural work, exhibitions, events and training related to the creative process, with a collaborative vision and three hands.