Hara Arkoumani

My name is Hara Arkoumani & I participated in ANKA’s educational program because I wanted to learn a new subject, such as javascript programming, as I believe that is going to help me in the future.

With the knowledge I gained from the educational program I was able to make my own website and now I can showcase my products to my target buyers. Moreover,the program gave us the opportunity to take part in mentoring sessions and there I have the luck to meet my mentor, a skillful woman, who helped me to set and create solid foundations in my entrepreneur and business plans.

My plans for the future is to grow my own business.

The message that I have for young people is to chase their dreams and never lose hope for their implementation. Opportunities are all around us. The most important is to have our eyes and ears open in order to find all this opportunities and definitely it is essential to meet people who have the knowledge and the experience to guide us like mentors in order to make our dreams come true.

Never lose the opportunity to take part in educational programs like this one from ANKA & Young Entrepreneurs Succeed program.