Goretti Ivern

Hi, I’m Goretti. A girl who loves series, movies and all audio-visual content. For this reason, I decided to study audio-visual communication at university.

I spent a year looking for a job in the audio-visual sector and it was difficult for me to find it in Spain, so I decided to expand my knowledge by taking a master’s degree in digital marketing and social networks. With these studies, I realized that I really liked the advertising world and what it means to work using social networks.

I was trained to be a community manager and content creator. Due to current situations and my little professional experience, I found myself again in the situation of not finding a job. So I decided to make a change in my life and give up on working for someone and start working for myself.

The “start your business” course by Autooocupació gave me the tools I needed to start my new path as an entrepreneur. A path that is difficult to start and is worth doing since in the end, we all want to dedicate ourselves to something that we like and are passionate about and this course has offered me this, setting up my own online store.