Daria Turowska

I found the YES programme by accident … but I think that nothing happens without a reason. People I met there, the knowledge, motivation and energy that filled up the virtual room (how positive it had to be that I could feel it on the Internet?) – were something invaluable. Especially at a time when everything suddenly closed and we found ourselves in a new reality. Young people with ambitions that have to be faced with something completely new.

For me, the program was especially valuable because I recently returned from Denmark, where I worked most of the time on contracts, the so-called a warm job, and after work, I developed my ideas for businesses and social projects, such as “Fall in love with Poland”.

Now I have decided to work on my own, in Poland, after 8 years living abroad. I admit that the YES program helped me to achieve my goal of focusing on what is most in my heart and not straying from it. I tested communication, the name of my services and the channels to reach to the customer. Seemingly small changes brought big effects. I increased the sales of my Stress and Balance Diary, I found business partners and I can also specify what I want, what I do and who I help.

All this gave me confidence in action, direction, and what is more, I met wonderful people who inspire me and I am happy to think back to them and their projects. These contacts will surely stay for a long time, and good energy and motivation remain in me and remind me that when you do what is playing in your soul, the right people and projects appear. This project was an adventure and an extremely valuable path.