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Policies & NEETs

This section has a twofold perspective. It looks at existing policies affecting NEETs and if and how they would need changing to favour the integration of NEETs in the labour market. It also tries to come up with suggestion for new policies and initiative that would be supportive to NEETs.

Thinking Space Paper No.33: Active policies targeting NEETs in Italy

This Thinking Space paper offers a brief review of two policies currently active in Italy, which have been trying to tackle the problem of youth unemployment from different angles. The first policy discussed refers to Italy‚Äôs implementation of the Youth Guarantee. The second policy explored is called Resto al Sud (“I stay in the South”). It is an incentive scheme that
targets explicitly unemployed young people in job depressed regions in the South of the country.

Thinking Space Paper No.34: Italy’s citizens’income scheme

This Thinking Space paper reviews the so-called Reddito di Cittadinanza; a fairly new reform rolled out in Italy in March 2019, which consists of a poor minimum income scheme conditional to work. While the most critical objective of this intervention is lifting people out of poverty through financial benefits, the fact that the scheme includes an employment
insertion path for those who can work could have significant consequences on the Italian labor market.