Mentoring and coaching: learning modules

Mentoring and coaching have been identified as effective and efficient support instruments for young people facing challenges and developing the necessary skills to succeed in the world of work. There is no standardised approach to coaching and mentoring. This section presents a selection of different processes and techniques which can be used in a wide variety of contexts. It is important to note that the processes and techniques should not become the main feature of a coaching and mentoring session and therefore should be used with caution. Nevertheless, they can assist in facilitating a conversation and examining an issue from different perspectives. This can contribute to the formulation of informed decisions and assist the mentees and coaches in navigating complexities and challenges.

The mentoring manual provides an overview of how mentoring can be employed in different social and economic contexts. The manual is written with mentoring programme managers and decision makers in mind. It provides an overview of how mentoring programmes can be used, how to identify, train and support volunteer mentors and how to evaluate mentoring programmes. The manual is a synthesis of practical experience and research. As with any manual, it offers insights but cannot replace direct engagement with mentoring experts. Readers are encouraged to contact the authors of the manual to discuss further support.

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