Youth Business Poland

Youth Business Poland comprehensive support for young people in the development of stable companies. We believe that supporting entrepreneurship contributes to the development of human potential and economic growth.

Youth Business Poland (YBP) is an accredited member of the Youth Business International (YBI), founded by the Prince Charles Foundation, which promotes entrepreneurship and job creation in 46 countries. The YBI network brings together over 20,000 mentors and assists 18,000 businesses each year. In Poland, the YBP program is run by the Technology Incubator Foundation, which brings together 100 mentors – experienced business practitioners, who have helped 600 companies since 2008. YBP offers long-term mentoring support, pre-acceleration, training, consulting, and capital assistance.

Beginners entrepreneurs can enjoy professional YBP support in the form of:

  • 6 month individual business and specialist mentoring process
  • Pre-acceleration projects (5-6 business workshops and individual mentoring)
  • Workshop and business training
  • Individual consulting (business, legal, accounting and tax)
  • Support in raising funds

Participation in YBP programs is also a business relationship and networking, You can exchange knowledge and experience with other beginning entrepreneurs.

Telephone number +48 531 987 711
Address ul. Dobra 55/66 00-312 Warszawa, Poland


Year of birth: 1987

Country: Poland

Job: Mentoring Manager at YBP

Mission: One life. Live it!

Task for EEA: Recruitment to mentoring program. Coordination,

Monitoring and evaluation of the processes.

Fun Fact: I like spending time with my family and friends.

I like cooking and I can make a delicious dish out of nothing ���

Olga Mucha

Year of birth: 1992

Country: Poland

Job: Project coordinator

Mission: Bringing peace to people and places around me

Task for EEA: Coordination of workshops at YES program in Poland,

contact and care over program participants; monitoring and


Fun Fact: I go for walks every day, I love cats and do puzzles 🙂

Adrian Migoń

Year of birth: 1986

Country: Poland

Job: CEO at Youth Business Poland (Technology Incubator Foundation)

Mission: Helping people to make their dreams come true

Task for EEA: Project management, implementation of support for young entrepreneurs, coordination of mentoring and creating a workshop program

Fun Fact: I like to practice yoga, jogging and play sports, maybe I will become a professional athlete in retirement 🙂