Microfinanza Srl is a fully independent company registered in the year 2000 as an Italian LLC specialized in providing qualified services and technical support to the microfinance sectorworldwide.

Its mission is to boost financial inclusion and to support the growth and professionalization of the microfinance sector by providing expertise and innovative solutions to Financial Service Providers and the microfinance infrastructure, and improving financial capabilities of different targets, including micro-entrepreneurs.

Email info@microfinanza.com
Telephone number +39 0444326792
Address Stradella della Racchetta, 22 - 36100 Vicenza (VI), Italia

Matteo Solivo

Year of birth: 1989

Country: Italy

Job: Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

Mission: Contribute for a sustainable future!

Task for EEA: Co-Responsible for the implementation of the YES! project in Italy

Fun Fact: I love wines (I’m actually a professional sommelier), Boxing and Cycling!