KIZ is an expert when it comes to self-employment and professional reorientation . It is a matter of the heart to help our customers recognize their strengths and become successful – be it in the job or as an entrepreneur. Among other things, we do this together with private partners and the public sector.

Telephone number +49 (0 69) 66 77 96 - 1 00
Address Hermann-Steinhäuser-Straße 43-47, 63065 Offenbach am Main, Germany

Dunja Buchhaupt (Currently on a leave)

Year of birth: 1989

Country: Germany/USA

Job: Project manager at KIZ

Mission: Inspire people to re-connect with nature

Task for EEA: I am passionate about bringing best practice, tools and experiences into writing! Part of the Thinking Space Paper team. Coordination of social media content to spread our ideas and increase our impact.

Fun Fact: I grew up in a village with 300 inhabitants in a four generation household. My name is of Arabic origin and means “World”. Secretly, I still hope to have a Hogwarts Acceptance letter in my mailbox one day. I love cold weather and the snow.

Josephine Pape

Year of birth: 1986

Country: Germany

Job: self-employed for divers transnational projects, mum-of-three

Mission: Connecting the world for a better understanding!

Task for EEA: Thinking paper writing and video clip production to offer NEETs’ supporters inspirational ideas and best practices for their meaningful, daily efforts.

Fun Fact: Doing good every day, enjoying sunshine, nature, travels and having great friends over for dinner – my ingredients for happiness!

 Sylvie Feindt

Year of birth: 1965

Country: Germany

Job: Looking after diverse transnational and national projects, mum-of-two grown-ups

Mission: Positively impacting the lives I touch

Task for EEA: Developing and promoting the peer learning platform; coming up and implementing ideas to inspire NEETs’ supporters.

Fun Fact: Working independent of space and time; having a good time with family and friends, enjoying food, books, culture and a nice swim at dust.