Autoocupació (Fundació Privada per a la Promoció de l’Autoocupació de Catalunya) is the proposal of a group of young people to promote self-employment as an alternative in the fight against youth unemployment. It was created, initially named as CP’AC, in 1986.

Telephone number +34934908860
Address Vallespir 189-191, 08014, Barcelona, Spain

Guillem Aris

Name: Guillem Aris

Year of birth: 1967

Country: Spain

Job: Director at Autoocupacio. Volunteer mentor. Father of 2 millenials.

Mission: To help people to be what they want to be.

Task for EEA: Leading communication and implementation activities and sharing my entrepreneurship knowledge and experience.

Fun Fact: I play football and I am Barça supporter. I love having a beer at the beach with friends. Passionate about Africa.

Laura Pacareu Flotats

Year of birth: 1979

Country: Spain

Job: communication manager at Autoocupació, mum-of-two

Mission: Help people to be happy with what they have while pursuing what they want.

Task for EEA: communication manager of the project

Fun Fact: Enjoying with my family and friends, specially having fun and learning with my little girls. I love travel, beach and skating! I love to enjoy food from different countries.

Silvia Castellanos

Year of birth: 1995

Country: Spain

Job: Digital Communications Manager

Mission: Helping people to become who they want to be!

Task for EEA: Digital communication, social media dissemination and website content.

Fun Fact: I would like to write a novel someday!

Ana Bejarano

Year of birth: 1981

Country: Spain

Job: Head of Entrepreneurship and Mentoring at Autoocupació.

Mission: To help people to be happier with their lives.

Task for EEA: Leading implementation activities and sharing my entrepreneurship & mentoring knowledge and experience.

Fun Fact: I’m a foodie. I love dancing Lindy Hop and also passionate about travelling.